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Section 1: Installation and Configuration of Ansible Day 1
This section focuses on installation and configuration of Ansible, catered for all platforms.

The Course Overview
Ansible Requirements – Python, PIP, and Virtual Environments
Ansible Course Environment Setup
Ansible on Linux
Validating Ansible Installation

Section 2: Ansible Architecture and Design Day 1
After setting up and validating the environment, this section we work with Ansible, initially working with
the Ansible command line tool and then moving on to playbook fundamentals and templating.

Ansible Inventories
Ansible Modules
Ansible Playbooks, Breakdown of Sections
Ansible Playbooks, Variables
Ansible Playbooks, Facts
Templating with Jinja2
Ansible Playbooks, Creating, and Executing

Section 3: Ansible Playbooks, Advanced Topics
This section focuses on investigating areas of Ansible that facilitate advanced usage.

Ansible Playbook Modules Day 2
Dynamic Inventories
register and when
Asynchronous and Parallel
Task Delegation
Magic Variables
Using the Ansible Vault
Creating Custom Modules
Creating Plugins

Section 4: Structuring Ansible Playbooks Day 2

This section details the process for structuring larger Ansible playbooks into smaller components, the
use of tags for tag centric execution and the pull mode functionality.
Using Includes and Imports
Using Tags
Using Roles

Section 5: Using Ansible with Cloud Services and Containers Day 3
This section we will learn using Ansible with cloud services and containers.
AWS with Ansible
Docker Support with Ansible

Section 6: Other Ansible Resources and Areas Day 3
This section details the troubleshooting of Ansible and supported resources and utilities.
Troubleshooting Ansible
Validating Testing with Ansible
Best Practices with Ansible
Upgrading Ansible

Section 7 Day 4 Half Day
Install Ansible Tower by Red Hat
Configure users and teams to access Ansible Tower resources using role-based access controls
Use Ansible Tower to manage shared access to inventories and machine credentials
Create job templates and workflow job templates to standardize playbook execution
Launch playbooks and monitor and review job results using Ansible Tower

Section 8 Ansible Tower
Install Ansible Tower by Red Hat and describe its architecture
Explain what Ansible Tower is and demonstrate a basic ability to navigate and
use its web user interface.
Create users and teams for role-based access control
Create user accounts and organize them into teams that can be used in
conjunction with role-based access control to manage administration and
access to organization resources in Ansible Tower.
Maintenance and administration of Ansible Tower
Perform routine maintenance and administration on Ansible Tower and get a
basic familiarity with the command line tools and Ansible Tower API.


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