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BizTalk Server Training is designed to assist learners create maps between document specifications, build business process implementations, as well as integration with XML web services and methodology for BizTalk projects by qualified technical experts.


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MicroSoft Biztalk Server Interview Questions and Answers, Recorded Video Sessions, Materials, Mock Interviews Assignments Will be provided



(the course content can be modified as per your requirements):


BizTalk 2010 Developer and Admin Training & Workshop

1. BizTalk Framework & Architecture

a. Understanding BizTalk

b. BizTalk Architecture

c. Different BizTalk Versions

d. BizTalk 2010 & Visual Studio 2010

e. Understanding BizTalk Development tools

f. BizTalk Project System

g. BizTalk Application Concept

h. Updated Platform support


2. BizTalk Installation

3. BizTalk Databases


4. Understanding BizTalk Ports

a. Port Groups


5. Understanding BizTalk Adapters

a. File


c. WCF Adapter

d. MSMQ Adapter

e. SharePoint Adapter

f. Scheduled Task Adapter


6. Role Link

7. Pipelines

a. Stages, components

b. Types



8. Creating BizTalk Schemas

9. Creating BizTalk Maps

a. Enhanced BizTalk Mapper

10. Functoids

11. Orchestrations Design

12. Creating Orchestrations

13. Different Shapes in Orchestrations

14. Exception Handling

15. Deploying BizTalk Application

16. Accessing Web Services & WCF from orchestrations

17. Publishing orchestrations/Schemas as WCF

18. Using BizTalk WCF publishing wizard

19. Consuming a WCF Service


20. Best Practices to optimize BT Application Performance

a. Adapters

b. Message Box

c. Mappers

d. Schemas

e. Canonical Schema


21. Business Rule Engine (BRE)

22. Orchestration calling another orchestration

23. Compensation

24. ESB Architecture

25. Asynchronous request and response messaging pattern


26. BizTalk Administration

a. Memory & CPU Utilization

b. BT Service monitoring


27. Correlation

28. Transactions

29. BizTalk Application Troubleshooting and Management

30. Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)



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