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(the course content can be modified as per your requirements):


Data Warehouse Basics

An introduction to Data Warehousing

Purpose of Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse Architecture

Operational Data Store

OLTP Vs Warehouse Applications

Data Marts

Data marts Vs Data Warehouses

Data Warehouse Life cycle


Data Modeling

Introduction of Data Modeling

Different Phases of Data Modelling


Multi – Dimentional Modeling

What Is a Dimension in Data Modeling

What are Facts?

Multi Dimensional Model

Hierarchies, Data Modeling – OLAP

Data Modeling – MOLAP

Data Modeling – ROLAP

Data Modeling – HOLAP

Cubes and its Functions

Star Schema

Fact Table

Dimensional Tables

Snow flake Schema

Fact less Fact Table

Confirmed Dimensions


Data Modeling Tools

Introduction to Erwin

Forward Engineering

Reverse Engineering

Update Model

Alter database

Complete compare




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