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Overview of System Center 2012 Configuration Manager 

  • Introduction to System Center 2012 Configuration Manager
  • Overview of System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Architecture
  • purpose and functionality of System Center 2012 Configuration Manager.
  • System Center 2012 Configuration Manager architecture

Planning & Deploying SCCM Site

  • Installing a Configuration Manager 2012 Central Admin Site(CAS),Primary Site& Secondary Sites
  • Configuring the Prerequisites for Configuration Manager 2012 Deployment
  • Extending the Active Directory Schema
  • Installing a Configuration Manager 2012 Stand-Alone Primary Site
  • Performing Post-Setup Configuration Tasks
  • Validating the Installation of the Primary Site
  • Performing the Initial Configuration of the Primary Site

Discovering and Organizing Resources 

  • Configuring Resource Discovery and Boundaries
  • Configuring Active Directory Discovery Methods
  • Configuring Boundaries and Boundary Groups
  • Configuring User and Device Collections
  • Creating a Device Collection
  • Creating a User Collection
  • Configuring a Maintenance Window
  • Configuring Role-Based Administration


Managing the Configuration Manager Client

  • Overview of the Configuration Manager Client
  • Deploying the Configuration Manager Client
  • Managing Client Agents
  • Configuring and Monitoring Client Status


Managing Inventory and Software Metering 

  • Overview of Inventory Collection
  • Configuring Hardware Inventory
  • Configuring Software Inventory
  • Managing Inventory Collection
  • Configuring Asset Intelligence
  • Configuring Software Metering

Configuring & Managing Reports :

  • SCCM Manager Console Reporting node
  • Adding a Reporting Point
  • Running reports from the SCCM Manager Console
  • Running reports from a web browser


Managing Software Deployments by Using Packages and Programs

  • Configuring Software Distribution
  • Creating a Package and Configuring Programs
  • Configuring Packages and Programs
  • Distributing Content to Distribution Points
  • Deploying Programs to Configuration Manager Clients


Creating and Deploying Applications  Overview of Application Management

  • Creating and Deploying an Application
  • Creating and Deploying a Required Application
  • Creating and Deploying an Available Application
  • Installing and Configuring the Application Catalog
  • Creating and Deploying Applications to the Application Catalog
  • Installing Applications from the Application Catalog


Managing Application Deployment 

  • Configuring User Device Affinity
  • Creating Applications with Requirements
  • Deploying Required Applications to Users
  • Creating an Application with Multiple Deployment Types


Deploying and Managing Software Updates

  • Overview of Software Updates
  • Preparing the Configuration Manager Site for Software Updates
  • Configuring the Site for Software Updates
  • Configuring and Synchronizing the Software Update Point
  • Deploying and Managing Software Updates
  • Determining Software Update Compliance
  • Deploying Software Updates to Clients
  • Configuring Automatic Deployment Rules


Managing Operating System Deployment 

  • Overview of Operating System Deployment
  • Preparing the Site for Operating System Deployment
  • Capturing an Operating System Image



Managing Mobile Devices 

  • Preparing the Infrastructure for Mobile Device Management
  • Enrolling a Mobile Device
  • Managing Compliance Settings for a Mobile Device
  • Deploying an Application to a Mobile Device


Configuring Wake On LAN, Power Management, and Remote Control 

  • Configuring Wake On LAN
  • Overview of Out of Band Management
  • Configuring Power Management Settings
  • Configuring Remote Control




Migrating from System Center Configuration Manager 2007 to System Center 2012

  • Configuration Manager Overview of the Migration Process
  • Preparing Configuration Manager 2007 Sites for Migration
  • Configuring Migration Settings
  • Migrating Objects
  • Configuring the Source Hierarchy
  • Creating a Migration Job and Performing Migration



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