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Oracle RAC course makes you Learn Oracle RAC Clusterware stack, Networking in RAC, OS Configuration (rpms, config), Grid Infrastructure, Managing disk groups, ASM & ASM cluster, and ASM Scalability, etc.


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Oracle RAC Interview Questions and Answers, Recorded Video Sessions, Materials, Mock Interviews Assignments Will be given



(the course curriculum can be modified as per your requirements):


RAC Introduction And Concepts:

  • Database storage options (Core & Cluster)
  • Non RAC DB Vs RAC DB
  • Storage options Core DB vs. RAC DB
  • Files system files / RAW Partitions / ASM
  • What is ASM?
  • ASM Architecture
  • Benefits of ASM
  • What is Cluster?
  • What is Clusterware?
  • Software requirements and download locations


Grid Infrastructure Concepts:

  • Quick review
  • What is GRID Infrastructure (ASM and Clusterware)
  • Clusterware Concepts and Architecture
  • Clusterware startup sequence
  • Clusterware startup processes
  • Oracle Clusterware stack
  • Cluster ready service stack
  • Oracle High availability services stack
  • Grid Plug and Play architecture
  • CSS and Voting Disk Functionality
  • CRS and OCR
  • Node eviction (Inter connect, VD)
  • Networking in RAC concepts
  • Networking in RAC configuration topology


Preparation of RAC Machine And ASM Installation:

  • ORACLE VM Box setup
  • OS Installation for RAC Node1
  • OS Configuration (rpms, config)
  • Creating Users and Groups
  • Creating Virtual Disks
  • Adding disks to Virtual Node1
  • Network configuration Public & Interconnect
  • Configuring Oracle ASM
  • Cloning Virtual Disk
  • Preparing Virtual Node2 from Node1
  • Configuring Node2


Installation of Grid Infrastructure And RAC Software:

  • Pre Installation Verification
  • Network verification (Private and Public)
  • Grid Installation
  • Completing Grid Installation
  • Verifying the services with crsctl
  • Clusterware proc. stop/stop on single / all node(s)
  • High availability services, stop and start
  • Installation of Oracle SW on Cluster
  • Log files on RAC Environment


Cache Fusion Concepts:

  • Cache Fusion Concepts
  • Read / Read Contention
  • Read / Write Contention
  • Write / Write Contention
  • GCS and GES Concepts
  • Global Resource Directory (GRD)
  • What is Past Image? And concepts
  • Past Image vs. CR Image
  • Scan Listener concepts & Architecture


ASM Cluster File System:

  • ASM & ASM cluster file system
  • ASM Key features and benefits
  • ASM Instance designs
  • ASM components
  • ASM disk groups and fail groups
  • ASM Scalability
  • Creating disk groups using asmca
  • Managing disk groups
  • Listing disks using asmcmd
  • Creating raw partitions
  • Creating Disk groups using asmca
  • Create database using dbca in RAC environment


RAC Backup and Recovery:

  • RAC Specific Database Parameters
  • Identical and Unique parameters
  • Enabling Archive log mode in RAC Env
  • Manual Log switch for a local instance vs. global
  • Terminating sessions in RAC environment
  • Administering Oracle Clusterware
  • Controlling Clusterware
  • Finding OCR and VD file locations
  • Backup and Recovery of OCR,VD
  • Migrating VD and OCR files to different diskgroup
  • Managing Oracle Clusterware using crsctl & srvctl
  • OLR purpose and location
  • OCR and VD auto & manual backups
  • crsctl & srvctl commands
  • Difference between srvctl and crsctl
  • Disabling and enabling clusterware startup


Migration Of NoN RAC DB To RAC DB:

  • Non RAC DB to RAC DB
  • Using RMAN DB Duplication to RAC env
  • Enabling Single RAC DB to Multi Instance RAC DB
  • Configuring Migrated RAC DB as Cluster Aware DB
  • Creating spfile using pfile for RAC DB


Adding Node to Cluster:

  • Add Node to existing Cluster
  • New node preparation and configuration
  • SSH configuration for password less connectivity
  • Cluvfy to check the state of new node
  • Performing Add Node script


Creating Services:

  • Creating Services
  • Configuring tnsnames.ora for TAF
  • Performing TAF
  • RMAN Configuration for RAC DB
  • Backup RAC DB Using RMAN


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