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Ruby On Rails Frameworks and learn how to create killer web applications, Ruby On Rails API, server-side web application frameworks, creating building blocks for plug-and-play functionality and enabling skills in crafting rails applications., etc.and exposure to industry based Real-time projects in various verticals.


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ROR Course Outline/Agenda

(we can customize the course agenda as per your requirements)


Ruby On Rails Course Content



Introduction to RUBY Environment

Syntax, Variables

Operators, Comments

Conditional Statements, if…else, if modifier

Unless Statement, Unless modifier

Case Statement


While Statement, While modifier

Until Statement, Until modifier

For Statement, Break Statement

Next Statement, Redo Statement

Methods, Blocks, Strings, Arrays, Hashes

Date & Time, Ranges, Iterators, File I/O




Instance Variables, Class Variables, Global Variables

Constants, OBJECT ORIENTED, Class definition

Ruby objects, Initialize method, Instance variables

Accessor & setter methods

Instance methods, Class methods & Variables, To_s Method

Access Control, Class Inheritance

Methods Overriding, Operator Overloading

Freezing Objects



Rails Installation, SQLITE3 or MySQL (As per Requirement)

File Structure, Controller and Views and Models

Routes, Databases and Migrations

Configuring a project for Databases

Creating a database, Generating Migration

Associations, layouts, Forms, Data Validation,

CRUD USING SCAFFOLDING, Create_action, Read_action, Update_action, Delete_action

Login and Logout complete example

Project Oriented Training


Practice Assignments and Interview Questions



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