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Salesforce Lightning Course teaches you Basics of Lightning, How Important Lightning, How to Create Applications using Lightning, etc. You will become expert in Lightning by the end of the Training.


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Salesforce Lightning Interview Questions and Answers, Recorded Video Sessions, Materials, Mock Interviews, Practice Assignments Will be Given



(the course content can be modified as per your requirements):


  • What is Lightning component and why it came into SFDC?
  • Lightning Component Framework works across salesforce
  • Lightning component vs Visualforce page.
  • How to create Lightning app builder ?
  • Overview of Lightning Bundle.


Create a lightning component to show “Hello World”

Using lightning app to view the lightning component.


  • Summary About previous class.
  • Lightning Interfaces to use lightning component.
  • what interface to use Lightning component in SF1 Mobile app,
    Community, App builder, quick action, record page etc.


Create a lightning component to show “Hello World” using quick
action, community and SF1 Mobile app.


  • Summary About previous class.
  • About Lightning component user interface.
  • Using OOTB component.
  • Applying styles to markup using multiple way.
  • Using attributes.
  • Lightning Layouts and lightning layout item uses.


Create a lightning component to show
the left static screen


  • Summary About previous class.
  • Using conditional markup.
  • Using different types of OOTB lightning tags.
  • Handling events using JavaScript.
  • Use Aura Attributes in controller.


Show and hide component and lightning element
based on users click. Popup modal to show the


  • Summary About previous class.
  • Calling helper method to controller.
  • Calling one method into different method in helper and
  • Communication between one to multiple component.


Send and receive data from one component to another
using lightning component event, application event.


  • Summary of previous session.
  • complete understating about SLDS salesforce lightning design
  • Responsive lightning component for all the device
  • Detecting browser using form factor.
  • Lightning tokenization


Create a responsive lightning component for mobile
device , tablet and desktop. – wireframe will be
shared during session


  • Calling server side controller(Apex).
  • Fetching record from Object to show in lightning component.
  • Sending back record to object.


Create a lightning component to show
data from object customer record and
create a new record into object from


  • Summary of previous session.
  • About Aura: method
  • About Aura: action
  • Lightning Data Services
  • Lightning Data Tables, actions and specifications.


Create a lightning component to show data from object
customer record in data table.


  • Summary of previous session.
  • How to work with Lightning Progress bar.
  • How to work with Lightning Accordian.
  • Lightning Tab and Navigations.
  • About Lightning connect to access external data(third party)



Create a lightning component with multiple forms and use
progress bar to divide form in different section.


Demo Project Assignment

Create an application to view , track customer journey
for sales company.

Application should be responsive in all the device

Note – In details will be discussed during session


Summary of previous session.

Loading external JavaScript file into lightning component.

Loading CSS file, images from static resources

Using Lightning Map to show Google map with some static
longitude and latitude.



Create a lightning component to show static address in
Google map.




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