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All “SAP-HR” projects, clients are migrating to “SAP SuccessFactors Cloud HCM” as SAP Labs itself acquired SuccessFactors and pruning SAP-HR out from the development market. IF everything is changing towards Success Factors, what makes you to stop at SAP-HR only?

SuccessFactors training differs from traditional SAP training and certification and has many activities that are extremely different for SAP Consultants who have undertaken SAP HCM training.


Introduction to Mastery.

Module-1: Mastery- Intro

  1. Learn the products
  2. Instance, Provisioning explanation
  3. SAP JAM
  4. Basic company settings in Provisioning
  5. Creating administrators.
  6. Instance basic settings – Passwords, Home Page, Welcome Menu, Company info, Employee files
  7. Administrator tools
  8. Bizxpert Methodology – Implementation Methodology.
  9. Commonly used terms
  10. Admin Privileges
  11. Setting up company Logos
  12. Manage Data User Records
  13. Employee Data File
  14. Permissions
  15. Password Policies
  16. Email Notifications
  17. Change engine configuration
  18. Text Customization in Instance
  19. Rating Scales
  20. Route Maps
  21. Launching forms
  22. Employee Profile
  23. XML and Data models
  24. Pick lists
  25. Role Based Permissioning
  26. Reporting
  27. Set up process dashboards
  28. Rating Scale Dashboards
  29. Create Interactive Dashboards
  30. Reporting Admin
  31. Manage Report Permissions
  32. List view reports
  33. Spotlight view reports
  34. Spread sheet reports
  35. Classic reports
  36. Adhoc reports
  37. Final exercise


Module-2: Employee Central MasteryCore HCM module

  1. Introduction and basic provisioning set up exercises
  2. Data models and DTDs
  3. Employee Central Structure
  4. Data model Management
  5. Data model Associations
  6. Enable employee central and RBP
  7. Update employee details
  8. ESS/MSS functionality
  9. Understanding security
  10. Managing security with RBP
  11. EC as a system of record
  12. EC Customizing and Populating Basic Foundation data
  13. Customizing Country specific files in Foundation tables
  14. Creating and modifying associations
  15. Propagations
  16. Importing users and data
  17. Mass Changes
  18. Customizing employee files
  19. Customizing CSF for employee files
  20. Position Management
  21. Employee Central Reporting and Integration
  22. EC Payroll Integration
  23. MDF Overview
  24. MDF Objects creation
  25. Rules setup

Final Exercise.

Module-3: Recruitment Management.

1. Introduction to Recruitment
2. Instance Setup
3. Applicant Status
4. Recruiting Operators
5. Recruiting Resources
6. Enable Job Requisition
7. Create job Requisition
8. Configure Job Requisition Template
9. Requisition Field Permissions
10. Configure Job Search Fields
11. Requisition Picklists
12. Requisition Headers & Footers
13. Candidate Profile
14. Candidate Screening Questions
15. Offer Approval Template
16. Offer Letter Template
17. Generate Offer.
18. Setting up Agencies
19. Email Templates
20. Final Exercise


Course Details

Duration: 45 hrs 1hr session everyday

> Day wise Training Session Records will be shared to review at end of training.
> SAP Successfactors soft copy material
> Placement Asst
> Complete Real time practical sessions
> Functional & Technical areas will be covered.

Recorded video sessions will be provided to the Individual who missed the Session.

With 2 months 24/7 SAP Server Access for Practice.



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