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SIEBEL CRM Training gives you experience the real-time implementation of SIEBEL CRM by exploring how to Build Siebel Workflow Processes, Creating Data Maps, SIEBEL CRM for Deployment, Development, Diagnostic, Productivity, Integration, and Mobile services, learn transactional, analytical, and engagement features., etc.


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SIEBEL CRM Interview Questions and Answers, Recorded Video Sessions, Materials, Mock Interviews Assignments Will be provided



(the course content can be modified as per your requirements):


Using Siebel CRM:

Introducing Siebel Applications

Using the Siebel Web Client

Working with Siebel Data

Access Control and Organization Setup

Responsibilities and Views

Users, Positions and Organizations

Controlling Access to Customer Data

Catalogs and Master Data

Physical Architecture and Management

The Siebel Web Architecture

Server Components and Parameters

Server Management

Siebel Client Types


Installation & Security:

Securing Access to the Application

Installing Siebel Applications

Siebel Application Architecture

Using Siebel Tools to Examine Object Definitions

The Siebel Data Model

Siebel Business Components

Siebel Party Business Components

Siebel Business Objects

Configuration Strategy

The Configuration Process


Application Configuration:

Managing Object Definitions

Editing and Compiling Object Definitions

UI Layer Configuration: Web Templates

UI Layer Configuration: Applets

UI Layer Configuration: Applications

Screens and Views

UI Layer Configuration: Drilldowns

Business Layer Configuration: Joins

Business Layer Configuration: Existing Business Components and Fields

Business Layer Configuration: New Business Components and Fields

Business Layer Configuration: Picklists

Configuring Multi-Value Groups

Data Layer Configuration


Siebel Workflow:

Siebel Business Services

Building Siebel Workflow Processes

Testing and Deploying Workflow Processes

Executing Workflow Processes

Using Workflow Policies

Configuring Business Logic

Siebel Task UI

Task UI: Creating a Task

Transient Business Components and Branching

Siebel Business Rules

Creating Business Rules

Introducing Siebel Assignment Manager

Creating Assignment Rules

Tailoring Assignment Manager Behavior

Invoking Siebel Assignment Manager

State Models


Data Loads:

Introducing Enterprise Integration Manager

Creating Data Maps

Running Enterprise Integration Manager

Application Deployment

Introducing Application Deployment Manager

Deploying Application Customizations



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