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Tableau Basics:

  • Overview of Tableau
  • Tableau Features

Tableau Environment Setup

  • How to install Tableau in your system
  • Steps to follow for setup Tableau installation

Tableau Products

  • Different Products of Tableau
  • Tableau- Desktop; Server; Public; Reader and their difference
  • Difference between .twb; .twbx and what to use and when to use

Tableau Architecture

Connecting to Data Source

  • File system
  • Server system
  • Different database available

Tableau Navigation-Interface

  • Menu Commands
  • File Menu
  • Data Menu
  • Worksheet Menu
  • Dashboard Menu
  • Story Menu
  • Analysis Menu
  • Map Menu
  • Format Menu
  • Server Menu

Tableau Design Flow

Tableau File Types

Tableau Data Types

Tableau Show Me

  • Show me with two fields

Tableau Data Terminology

Tableau Connection Types

  • Live Data Connection and Extracted Data Connection

Types of Filters

  • Data source filters
  • Extract based Filters
  • Context Level Filters
  • Quick Filter
  • Row level Filter

Tableau Extracting Data

  • Creating an Extract
  • Applying Extract Filters
  • Adding new data to Extract

Tableau Field Operations

  • Adding fields to worksheets
  • Combining Two fields
  • Searching Fields
  • Reordering Fields

Tableau Editing Metadata

  • Checking metadata
  • Changing the data type
  • Renaming and hiding

Tableau Worksheets

  • Adding worksheet
  • Renaming worksheet
  • Save and deleting worksheet

Dimension pane and Measure pane

Rows and Columns

Tableau Filter shelves; Mark Shelves

Tableau Operators

Tableau Functions

Tableau Numeric Calculations

Tableau String Calculations

Tableau Date Calculations

Tableau Table calculations

Tableau LOD Calculations

Tableau Sorting

  • Manual Sorting
  • Custom Sorting

Tableau Top filters

  • Ranking using normal and index function

Tableau Charts

  • Bar Chart
  • Line Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Trend Line
  • Donut Chart
  • Tableau Table
  • Scatterplot
  • Bubble chart
  • Bullet Graph

Tableau Tab Creation

Tableau Dashboard Creation tricks

Tableau Formatting

How to Re-arrange charts into Dashboards

Tableau Container

  • Tile container
  • Floating Container

Tableau Actions

  • Filter Actions
  • Highlight Action
  • URL action

Tableau Server

  • How to publish dashboards into Server
  • User roles and authentication

Scenario Based Assignments and Solutions



  • Above modules are course structure-along with theories; I will give Assignments on individual Topic that will help you to gain practical understanding.
  • I will give you practical scenarios that you will face when delivering any work to client



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