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TIBCO Spotfire Introduction
The basics of TIBCO Spotfire
data visualization and analytics software
various Spotfire features
Data Filtering
Data drill-down
Data loading
Data table format
statistical representation of data
Web Player for analytics report
Importing data from Excel
Data types
Data visualization techniques
Spotfire Dashboard
working with Bar Charts
Spotfire Data Table & Data Sources
Working with Data Tables
Data sourcing
Fetching data from databases
Properties of Data Table
Relations in data table and column matching
Data table filters
Settings and filter schemas
Calculated, Binned and Hierarchy Column creation
Spotfire Data Visualization
Visualizing data to exploring
Analyzing and discovering insights
Understanding the concepts of Coloring
Trellis Visualization
Bar chart
Combination chart and line chart
Working with Zoom Slider
Cross-table Visualization
Column Selectors
Advanced Visualization & Analysis
In-depth understanding of Spotfire visualization techniques
Advanced color coding concepts
Analyzing data, working with tags, lists, bars and data labels
understanding the various techniques of Pie Chart, Tree Map and Scatter Plot
Spotfire Server Features
Importance of Spotfire Server for Deployment,
Library  and Information services,
working with Spotfire Expressions, Labels, Charts, Schemas
understanding of Heat Map, Dendograms.
Deep Dive into Data Analysis and Organization
The scope of Spotfire Professional
Data access
Visualization and analysis
Working with input filter
Property control dialogue for changing settings in visualization
Custom expressions
Deploying Action control and Dynamic items
Spotfire Dashboard features
data filtering
filter schemas
analysis techniques like Box plot, Pareto chart and Combination chart.
Spotfire Administration
Spotfire installation
administration and maintenance
deloying information designs and information links and joins, personalization
working with Web Player DXP, Spotfire authorization, authentication and secuity.
Predictive Analytics- Map Visualization
Map Visualization
Forcasting, Text Area Features
Upload and Store data to Library
Drag and Drop of Visualization
Application of Profiler
Spotfire Visual Insights
Visual Appearance
Mark from Legend
Data Panel
Interacting Grouping of Categories
Data Connector
Data Profiler




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