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1. Overview of Web Content Manager
a. Introduction and administrative tasks
b. Web Content Manager site

2. Creating templates, components, and items
a. Creating a site
b. Creating an authoring template
c. Creating a content
d. Creating a presentation
e. Creating a template map and assigning default
f. Creating an image component
g. Updating the presentation
h. Creating further site
i. Adding more content
j. Creating a menu

3. Pages, portlets, and page templates
a. Create a page template
b. Creating pages
c. Updating the presentation template

4. Adding navigational components and search queries to a website
a. Creating a navigator component
b. Creating a breadcrumb navigator
c. Creating a page navigation component
d. Creating a search content source
e. Creating a search form

5. Item management
a. Working with folders
b. Working with versions

6. Personalization and categories
a. Creating a user name component
b. Assigning access to a page
c. Testing the user name component
d. Creating an events section and events list
e. Configure edit access for a group
f. Creating a personalization component
g. Creating a taxonomy and categories
h. Creating a content template that includes an option selection element
i. Assigning a content template
j. Creating a list presentation component
k. Creating a menu component

7. Custom authoring features
a. Create an authoring tool component
b. Create an authoring environment for site managers
c. Creating an authoring environment for writers
d. Testing access
e. Setting default authoring templates for writer
f. Updating the authoring templates for

8. Working with drafts, workflows, and projects

a. Creating a draft and publishing
b. Creating workflow actions
c. Creating workflow stages
d. Creating a workflow
e. Updating the News template
f. Processing a content item through a workflow
g. Creating a project template and a project
h. Working with a project
i. Approving a project
j. Creating a second project
k. Creating content by using a project
l. Creating a navigator component

9. User access and security
a. Adding confidential core
b. Adding a confidential page
c. Testing security

10. Adding CSS to your website
a. Create a CSS site
b. Creating a CSS authoring
c. Create a CSS presentation template
d. Create a CSS content item
e. Reference CSS content items

11. Working with the Content Template Catalog and Site
a. Getting started with CTC and Site Builder
b. Create a website by using the Internet Site Template wizard
c. Customizing the site

12. Working with the Mobile Preview
a. Using the Mobile Preview

13. Using the Script Portlet
a. Install and deploy the Script Portlet
b. Create a script portlet application
c. Place the Company Site Maps application on a new
d. Import an application into the Script Portlet Editor
e. Install and use the sp command-line tools
Themes & Search discussed separately for WCM which is not covered in this


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